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This is an invitation to dive deeply into your BEING, experience presence and pleasure, and practice and share a vibrant story only you can tell!


A Four-Week Empowerment Miniseries to

Ignite Your Inner Radiance

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Breath easy this summer with Summer Breathe-Ease

As summer approaches, it's the perfect time to slow down, relax, and align with your inner sunshine.

Join me for a four-week journey through breathwork and meditation, where you'll discover a sense of ease and calm, and release stress and tension. This course combines the essence of summer with the practice of breathwork to help you manifest the summer you desire, while also aligning with the divine within.

Breathwork and meditation offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety by releasing stress hormones

  • Promoting relaxation and calmness

  • Reducing triggers and symptoms of PTSD and feelings of trauma

  • Improving mental clarity and focus

  • Boosting immune function and overall health

  • Strengthening respiratory function

  • Balancing blood pressure

  • Improving sleep, including more time in deep sleep

  • Releasing weight, physically and metaphorically

  • Cultivating a sense of inner peace and connection to the divine

  • Enhancing creativity and intuition

  • Increasing self-control

  • Allowing time to rest and restore

  • Being aware

  • Gaining perspective

  • Reducing reactivity and increasing appropriate response

  • Improving relationships

  • Motivating you to create the life of your dreams

This course is only 4 weeks, yet it will change your life FOREVER!

What's included:

 Weekly Online Sessions

  • Once a week

  • 90-minute online sessions

  • Wednesday, May 24th, 6:30-8:00 PM (Arabian Standard Time)

  • Wednesday, May 31st, 7:00-8:30 PM (Arabian Standard Time)

  • Wednesday, June 7th, 7-8:30 PM (Arabian Standard Time)

  • Wednesday, June 14th, 7-8:30 PM (Arabian Standard Time)

Session Details

  • Guided breathwork journey

  • Guided meditation

  • Hypnotic journaling

  • Time for Q&A

Guided Meditation

What You Learn

  • Gentle and soothing breathwork techniques to promote overall well-being and to help you navigate life's challenges

  • What meditation is, how to meditate, and different styles of meditation so you have opportunities to connect with your inner divinity and Universal abundance

  • How to identify self-sabotaging behaviours and alchemize them into self-serving behaviours

Meditate at home

Hypnotic Journaling

  • Free Journal for the first 5 beings who join

  • Journal is available for purchase if you are not in the first 5

  • Journal prompts provided each session

  • Integration exercises to help you incorporate practices into daily life

  • Guidance through the hypnotic journalling process


Discussion and Q&A

  • Participants will have the opportunity to discuss relevant topics and Q&A at the end of each session​

Hands Up

Special Bonuses

  • Free Journal for the first 5 beings who join

  • Oracle Card Readings

  • Channeled messageS

  • Future Discounts and Early Access

Treat Yourself

Special Summer Sale


Each week is unique!

Take a sneak peek!

Lizzie Siegel

Intuitive Guide, Healer, and Teacher

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Lizzie Siegel is the founder and CEO of Namasteplantbased, her holistic wellness business. She is a holistic wellness and soul purpose coach and spiritual life guide, Reiki Master, teacher, and healer-practitioner, Yoga teacher and lifelong student, and holistic wellness educator, podcast host, and retreat facilitator. She reads energy and uses her gifts and talents to teach others to embody manifestations. Passionate about EDM and all music that raises the vibe, Lizzie also is a certified sound healer and infuses this into her somatic practices, especially for Chakra balancing.

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She is here on a mission to help other lightworkers, starseeds, intuitives, empaths, wanderers and soul beings return to their essence and embody self love as they awaken and remember who they are. She believes that when you truly love yourself, you remember who you are.


Her process is grounded in science and blended with spirituality! Fusing the teachings of Yoga, Reiki, neuroplasticity, psychology, epigenetics, energetics, somatics, Universal laws, and coaching, Lizzie empowers you to BE the co-creator of your life, reprogram and rewire your conditioning, and align with your authenticity!

She is the creator of HEART's Home, her signature process, that focuses on self-awareness, self-development, and self-management in order to decrease and eliminate self-sabotaging behaviours while creating new neural pathways and reprograming deep, subconscious beliefs, rewiring the brain to replace the self-sabotage with self-serving behaviours and self-healing practices.

Lizzie's process is known for her intuitive, authentic, and accessible approach to transformation which has helped people around the world to (re)discover their gifts and talents, know and live their purpose, and align with the divine within.


Recognizing that we are limitless beings, living an human experience, Lizzie is here to hold space for you and empower you to connect with your own personal wisdom, healing abilities, and expansive potential to transform, physically, emotionally, mentally, intellectually, and spiritually, hone your intuition, and CREATE your life with purpose! 


Lizzie is an experienced breathwork and meditation guide who provides a safe and supportive space to deepen your practice and cultivate inner peace. Whether you're new to breathwork or have an established practice, this course is suitable for all levels.

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Join me for Summer Breathe-ease and experience the many benefits of breathwork and meditation as you align with your inner sunshine and manifest the summer you desire.

Each session is packed with value, including a breathwork journey, guided meditation, journaling prompts, time for Q&A, and special bonuses.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to cultivate inner peace and radiance as you journey into the summer!


Q: Is this course suitable for beginners? 

Q: What do I need to participate in the sessions?

Q: How long are the sessions?

A: Absolutely! Summer Breathe-ease is designed to accommodate participants of all levels, including those new to breathwork and meditation. Our experienced guides will provide clear instructions and guidance throughout the course to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

A: To fully participate, you'll need a quiet and comfortable space where you can relax without distractions. You may want to have a yoga mat or cushion for seated meditation, and a journal or notebook for the journaling prompts. It's also recommended to have a reliable internet connection to access the sessions online.

A: Each session of Summer Breathe-ease is approximately 90 minutes long. This duration allows for a comprehensive exploration of breathwork, guided meditation, journaling, Q&A, and special bonuses, ensuring a fulfilling and transformative experience.

Q: What if I miss a session?

Q: Can I reach out to the instructors for additional support? 

Q: What are the special bonuses mentioned?

A: We understand that life can get busy. If you are unable to attend a session, don't worry! All sessions will be recorded, and you'll have access to the replay so you can catch up at your convenience. However, we encourage active participation and attending the live sessions whenever possible to benefit from the interactive elements and group energy.

A: Absolutely! We value your journey and are here to support you. You'll have access to our instructors via email throughout the course, and there will also be dedicated Q&A time during each session where you can ask questions and receive guidance.

 A: The special bonuses include a free copy of the journal, specially designed to go along with this course (for the first 5 beings who join), Oracle Card readings, Channeled messages, future discounts and early access to masterclasses, programs, trainings, and retreats. These bonuses are designed to provide you with valuable tools and support to enhance your practice and help guide your journey.

This Course was a Divine Download I knew I had to share with the world! 


We start next week on May 24th, 6:30-8:00 PM, Arabian Standard Time.

Make sure you get in before the doors close!



If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at

I am here to assist you on your Summer Breathe-ease journey!

Ready to breathe new life into your summer? 


Join the


Summer Breathe-Ease 



now and unlock the secrets to aligning with your inner sunshine, manifesting the summer you desire, and cultivating a radiant, joy-filled season.


Don't miss out on this transformative opportunity – enroll today and let your breath guide you to the summer of your dreams! 


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