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Choose the HEART's Home Membership that is right for you!

What you get and why!

Sitting on the Shore Members

Wading in the Waves Members
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Diving in the Deep

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Swimming in the Sea Members
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What You'll Learn in my Signature 3-Step Process

That will transform your life and guide you into alignment time and time again!
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  • Observe, Dream, Bridge the Gap

  • Identify areas for growth, Self-Love and Self-Compassion

  • Values and Boundaries

  • Expansive + Limitless



  • Master Time: Set Goals, Prioritize, Schedule It

  • Embodiment

  • Everything is Energy

  • Mindset Matters



  • Tune In and Turn It On

  • Bliss State

  • Sustainability

  • Celebration


“I enjoyed and benefited from Lizzie’s yoga-based self-development course. Her guidance made it possible for me transition from self-care as an afterthought to a priority through intentional habit stacking and planning. Many of the tools and ideas presented in her course are now a daily part of my life. I feel a lot clearer about what I want my life to look like both on a daily basis and big picture. I also experience much more peace and less stress in my day-to-day life. The process that Lizzie guided me through was tangible and concrete, while leaving room for big long-term dreams. I recommend this course for anyone who wants to make a shift in mindset.”

Heather, Art Teacher

Image by Jeremy Bishop

You are ready to shift the paradigm and up-level your life!

HEART's Home is for you if...

You Might be wondering if this is:

The right program

The right place

The right time

HEART's Home is NOT for you if...

Sarah, Elementary School Teacher

"Lizzie is absolutely AMAZING! Before working with Lizzie, I was sure that I did not like yoga. However, after losing a large amount of weight, beginning menopause, and experiencing a significant personal tragedy, I felt I needed to try yoga again.

Practicing yoga with Lizzie was just what my mind, body, and spirit needed. Lizzie is a kind spirit with a gentle soul. She is thoughtful and patient.

Her intuitive practices were a great mix of strength, flow, deep breathing, and relaxation. The way she holds space was the perfect safe haven, filled with love and great energy.

I’ve never felt stronger, more in-tune with my mind and body, or as centered as I do after my time with her. I loved my weekly sessions and hope to continue being committed to my practice and working with Lizzie."


Reem, Middle School Math Teacher

“Thank you for every class, technique, skill, and word you shared with me. You brought so much peace and serenity to my life. Your passion and positivity are contagious! You truly believe, and made us believe, in the power of yoga and meditation.”

Image by Michael Dziedzic

The Time is now!

Don't let another 3 months go by before you say yes to yourself, release the junk that has been holding you back for so long, and create the life of your dreams! 
If you are still reading this and have made it this far...I know you yearn for that feeling when your heart is home.

And that is exactly why you are here! While it may seem hard, out of reach, or even impossible for you right now, I know the way and I am here to guide you!
Maybe you've spent your whole life wondering and wandering, maybe you've been prompted by some significant event, maybe it's just this feeling you get, maybe you've always been awoke…
Where ever you are at on your journey, you have been led here. 
You are not reading this message by change or coincidence. It is synchrodestiny!
Everything happens in divine timing, including you reading this love letter!
(Yes, this whole page has been a love letter from me, to you)
Think of this as YOUR sign, the divine intervention you have been waiting for! 
You are being offered the gift of guidance and belonging.
This is your moment to say YES, trust in yourself, trust in the Universe, and know that you are ready for so much more!

- Don't miss this offer! -

 Memberships start as low as $100/month and when you pay in full, you get 10% off!


Image by Matheo JBT
Image by D koi

These are some common questions that come up and some answers to give you guidance. If you have any other questions or comments, please feel free to ask by sending a message through the Contact page or emailing me at 

When does HEART's Home start?

HEART's Home, the Membership, begins in February 2023. You will have receive an email with all the access information, for your unique online platform, depending on the membership option you choose. 

Our first, LIVE (Zoom recorded) yoga class will be on Sunday, February 12th, at 7 PM (GMT+3). If you can't make it live, the Zoom recording will be uploaded to your portal within 24 hours. Plus, you can repeat the yoga class anytime you like!


For Wading in the Waves Members: Timing of the Coaching Calls will be scheduled once member's schedules have been considered and a common time is allocated.

When can I join?

You can join at any point throughout the month, however, I do recommend joining at the beginning of the month, so that you set your intention to enter the membership and do the HEART work with us, through weekly live yoga classes, the monthly workshops, and coaching calls. Also, you will get to know other community members and build your connections. 

Do I really need to invest in myself and this program?

Look. I'm going to say it plainly and from my experience: when you invest in yourself, meaning you are putting in the time, money, and energy into making your current and future life better, that's when the magic happens! You are absolutely communicating to the Universe about what you desire and you put that out there into the world. In order to become a magnet, and attract what you want into your realm, you have to start showing up as that version of you! And then, my love, that is when you start living in harmony. Your body, mind, and soul are coherent and the vibration of energy becomes powerful. 

As Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.”


So, instead of focusing on all the things that you wish you had done or your could be doing (that is worrying about the past, which you cannot change, but you can learn to accept and let go), or by fretting about the future (instead of having faith, learning how to manage your mindset, setting intentions, taking inspired action, and living in the present moment as you create the life you desire), I believe it is important and necessary to invest in yourself, especially to teach you the knowledge, skills, strategies, process, and all that HEART's Home provides so that you have these skillsets and methods and tools that you can use throughout your life, in all areas of your life, forever! And you will continue to grow and level up, for life!

Does my access expire?

As long as you are a Member of HEART's Home, you have full access to your membership components. Each member of HEART's Home commits to a 3-month membership. After that, you can renew your membership monthly.

I do recommend that you maximize your time in the program by following along with the process and content within a timely manner.

What format is the instruction provided in?

HEART's Home is a balance of live, online interactions, classes, and workshops for every level of membership. Depending on your membership access, you will be able to explore different member portals filled with video teachings and instruction, video examples, PDF resources, replays of past classes, workshops, and coaching calls.

YES! Of course you can! You choose how to spend your time and you can become the master of your time (something I teach you within the program). 

The program is primarily self-paced. You’ll need to coordinate your schedule for the weekly virtual yoga class with me on Sundays at 7 PM (GMT+3). Classes will be recorded and uploaded to your member portal in case you cannot make it live. 

The private online community component is there as a support system. You can post your thoughts, questions, reflections, celebrations, and more and participate in monthly challenges! Think of it as a good use of your time on social media!

For membership option that have live weekly coaching calls, you will have to set aside time for that in your schedule. Timing of the Coaching Calls will be scheduled once member's schedules have been considered and a common time is allocated.

The member portals with the video trainings and instruction, video examples, PDF resources, replays of past classes, workshops, and coaching calls are on-demand.


I work full time. Can I fit this into my busy schedule?

cali jut.jpg

Quit letting your dreams stay dreams

This is your Calling, your ticket to access my Signature program and propel your life forward!

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