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Lizzie Siegel, Founder and CEO
Guide, Healer, Teacher

Lizzie Siegel is the founder and CEO of Namasteplantbased, her holistic wellness business. She is a holistic wellness and soul purpose coach and spiritual life guide, Reiki Master, teacher, and healer-practitioner, Yoga teacher and lifelong student, and holistic wellness educator, podcast host, and retreat facilitator. She reads energy and uses her gifts and talents to teach others to embody manifestations. Passionate about EDM and all music that raises the vibe, Lizzie also is a certified sound healer and infuses this into her somatic practices, especially for Chakra balancing. 

She is here on a mission to help other lightworkers, starseeds, intuitives, empaths, wanderers and soul beings return to their essence and embody self love as they awaken and remember who they are. She believes that when you truly love yourself, you remember who you are.

Her process is grounded in science and blended with spirituality! Fusing the teachings of Yoga, Reiki, neuroplasticity, psychology, epigenetics, energetics, somatics, Universal laws, and coaching, Lizzie empowers you to BE the co-creator of your life, reprogram and rewire your conditioning, and align with your authenticity!

She is the creator of HEART's Home, her signature process, that focuses on self-awareness, self-development, and self-management in order to decrease and eliminate self-sabotaging behaviours while creating new neural pathways and reprograming deep, subconscious beliefs, rewiring the brain to replace the self-sabotage with self-serving behaviours and self-healing practices. 

Lizzie's process is known for her intuitive, authentic, and accessible approach to transformation which has helped people around the world to (re)discover their gifts and talents, know and live their purpose, and align with the divine within.


Recognizing that we are limitless beings, living an human experience, Lizzie is here to hold space for you and empower you to connect with your own personal wisdom, healing abilities, and expansive potential to transform, physically, emotionally, mentally, intellectually, and spiritually, hone your intuition, and CREATE your life with purpose!


I trust, if you've read this far, my message is speaking to you.

This work that I do is a journey of love, passion, and purpose.

If you resonate with the soulfulneess of this mission and would like to support it, you can make a dontation through PayPal bby clicking on the button below. 

Your contribution, no matter the amount, will be received graciously and gracefully, with profound gratitude.

Together, we can infuse even more love, light, and positive change into the world through this work. Thank you for considering this heartfelt request, and for being part of this beautiful journey.

With love and light,



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