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HEART's Home

a collective sanctuary


You hear the calling:
It’s time to come home.
Come back to yourself.

To HEART’s Home.

HEART's Home is a space and experience for those who are on a journey of self-discovery, who are awakening and yearn to hone their intuition, and who desire to explore their own unique gifts and talents to raise their vibration!


Evolve into the version of your highest self and learn to harness your sensitivities and use them to up-level your life!


To all the seekers, intuitives, highly sensitive people, empaths, healers, energy enthusiasts, wayshowers, visionaries, starseeds, and lightworkers:


You are ready for a shift in the paradigm so that you know how to, and become, the co-creator of your own reality!

HEART's Home


(Re)connect with yourself and remember who you are through my tested and true process, based in spirituality and backed by science!


Learn the tools, skills, strategies, and process you need to activate your awareness and empower you to discover your divine purpose!

Many soul beings feel…

  • lost or like you are wandering through life without purpose, passion, or potential

  • overwhelmed and alone, isolated by your unique sensitivity

  • stuck or stagnant, unsatisfied with your life, like you are settling, even though you feel there is something more!

  • held back by particular habits that seem too challenging or even “impossible” to change

  • like your dreams and goals are too far out of reach and you can't even imagine how you might obtain them

  • ill or in poor health; plagued by chronic stress, chronic pain, chronic diseases, and various health issues

I've been here before, I ebb and flow out of these human experiences, and I am here to tell you, there is light shining from within! The experience of not enoughness and always searching for the next thing ends right here. You've found it, in HEART's Home!



What if you knew how to feel safe and at home in your own body?

​What if you knew that YOU have a unique purpose and are so worthy of exploring it?

​What if you knew that there were other beings, living this human experience, that acknowledge, understand, and appreciate your gifts and talents because they can relate to you and share similar experiences?​

What if you knew that there is more, you were meant for something more, and you are more than you think you are?​


What if you knew that, truly, nothing is impossible, and you can BE, do, and have anything you can imagine?

What if you knew you could totally transform your life and heal yourself on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally, intellectually, and spiritually?

​What if you knew that deeply and unconditionally loving and accepting yourself, just the way you are, at the present moment, is the not so secret, secret?

do what you love.jpg

If any of this resonates with you…

You are here, right now, at this exact moment, exactly where you are meant to be. You have arrived in the right place. You are meant to be here and to be part of something bigger than just you. That feeling you've been searching for, the feeling of safety and security, in your own physical body, in your own human experience--it is what I call HEART's Home! 


HEART's Home is the space for you to awaken and align with the divine within, to (re)connect with your soul’s purpose, and truly love yourself.


Imagine feeling seen, heard, understood, guided, supported, connected, and loved as you awaken and along your journey of self-discovery…


You know that you are a divine being, living a human experience, and your unique gifts and talents are so needed.

You feel amazed and in awe of life, the Universe, and your significant role while you develop a deeper understanding of spirituality and science and an awareness that everything is energy, and therefore, dynamically transformative.


Not only that, you are safe, calm, and free.
You discover exactly what negative thoughts, emotions, and patterns are blocking you, how they impact your life, why it is necessary for your health that you manage them, and how to actually overcome them! 

You can finally feel better, heal better, make moves in your life, and know and live your bigger purpose!


Become the healthiest, happiest, highest version of yourself!


The path you have been searching for has been seeking you also. 


To you, soul being,

who has landed here:



HEART's Home 

 is a gift from

my soul to yours!

You have a deep inner knowing that there is more to life. 

You are called to explore and expand.


You feel it, deeply. 

Maybe you don't quite know what it is. 

Maybe you do, yet haven't figured out the next part.

Maybe you feel stuck, scared, worried, unsure, or any uncomfortable emotion. 

Maybe you just don't want to go it alone.


It's ok, Bou! I got you!


I am Lizzie Siegel.

I am an intuitive guide, healer, and teacher.

In HEART's Home, I will facilitate the journey and show you the way to come home to yourself, to (re)connect with and listen to the callings of your soul, to awaken and align with your divine inner knowing—your intuition, and to trust in yourself, heal your relationship with yourself on all levels, love yourself deeply, and know and live your purpose, authentically aligned.


Because, as I always say:


"When you truly love yourself, you remember who you are."

We continually evolve...

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I am here to be your guide. To lead you through my tested and true, signature process, to guide you and hold you in this space of HEART's Home, showing and sharing the way to empower you to transform your life!


Now is the time to jump in, take that leap of faith, and go all in, on you!


HEART's Home is a choose your own adventure Space

Whatever access point you choose is exactly right for you, at this time. 

Know that. 

Believe that. 


This community is designed to meet each participant where they are at in their personal journey. 


The membership teaches you my process through a combination of live, online coaching and sharing, masterclasses, interactive meet-ups, online community, on-demand resources, and journalling, plus bonuses and early bird access and priority for special events and retreats! 


You will be held and supported in a safe and compassionate container as you receive guidance and care throughout the journey, you (re)discover who you truly are, align with the divine within, become your most authentic self, and live your best life!


Of course you can achieve your goals on your own. 

You can do anything you set your mind to!


Having a guide and a community to build relationships, share perspectives, foster accountability, and help each other level up, and be there for you makes it SO MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE and FUN!


HEART's Home is open and there's a spot for you!


Whether you are just beginning for yourself or you are ready to take your practice to the next level and help others, HEART's Home and I am here to hold space for you to awaken and align with the divine within, to (re)connect with your soul’s purpose, and truly love yourself .


Embark on a journey that will bring you healing and transformation from the core. 


 It's time to step into a new experience!

Sara R.jpg

Managing stress has always been my ultimate goal, becuase stress makes me feel overwhelmed and stuck. After reading Lizzie’s email (offer for the program), I thought to myself: this might be the change I need. And it was!! I definitely see a positive change. I am able to get out of my head now for most of the time and be present in the moment. I better understand the stress cycle and I have the tools/ strategies to break free.


I definitely changed my way of thinking around yoga and meditation. I now see them as not only exercises or things that would benefit me, I now know, because I have experienced them,  they really benefit us and it is not very overrated. The yoga classes were amazing. Whatever problem I had during the day or whatever way I was feeling that day, whenever I left a class, I left feeling light hearted and free and seeing many possibilities and feeling more optimistic. Some of the yoga classes really touched me and I would stay in that vibe and space for many days, until the next time we had class.

Something in my subconscious has even changed! I feel more empowered and that things are possible. The program also empowered me to take actions towards my goals.

The module where we dive into our strengths and weaknesses definitely impacted me and helped me see myself in a different way! I see my worth now, because of the lessons and strategies and practices that helped me explore this. Also now, I am able to recognize when I am sad or ruminating, and instead of staying in that space all day long, I am able to shift out of this, raise my vibe, and break free and be on a different frequency.


I see a change in the way I behave, in my day to day life. I am really happy that I joined the program and I desire to continue to practice what I learned within the program and implement it in my daily routine.


It’s a very uplifting container and an open/safe space to be yourself. Lizzie is a great instructor and I’m beyond grateful for her and the beautiful program she put together.  I look forward to working with Lizzie in the future! 🤍 

Sara, Middle School Teacher

“I’d like to thank Lizzie and her signature HEART’s Home program for such a beautiful and unique experience on healing my heart. It was a great way to truly look within and feel the feelings within that I might have not know was halting my growth. And Lizzie was such an amazing and positive and warm person to work with. My favourite part of HEART’s Home is the customized yoga that targeted specific areas that I wanted to work on because they bothered me. Lizzie’s intuitive guidance and customized care were felt throughout the program. The Reiki healing was also such a beautiful experience.”

Moony, Influencer and TV Host


HEART's Home  is a UNIQUE  experience because it fuses the teachings of Yoga, Reiki, neuroplasticity, psychology, epigentics, energetics, somatics, Universal laws, and coaching, empowering you to BE the co-creator of your life,  reprogram and rewire your conditioning, and align with your authenticity!


We know that the world is changing.


We are rising to a new age of enlightenment!

We are shifting to a new paradigm that allows us to BE more, embrace our unique gifts, connecting with others and up-leveling each other in the process!


Science and Spirituality meet and embrace in HEART's HOME, unveiling the truth of Oneness and Wholeness, which is now supported by Biology, Neuroscience, and Epigenetics.


When you learn how to do the HEART work, you'll reprogram your body-holistically-and transform yourself, physically, emotionally, mentally, intellectually, and spiritually. You will (Re)discover who you truly are and what your bigger purpose in life is so that you can BE the best and highest version of you that you've always dreamed of!


HEART's Home is the key to your expansion!

It's time to heal from and let go of the past, actively choose to create the life you desire, realize your own expansive potential, and embrace your limitlessness! By tapping into Universal Energy and combining it with Divine Inspiration, HEART's Home will allow you to journey back to yourself, to your heart center, so you remember who you truly are, and rise, in love, with your Highest Self! 

cali shore.jpg

An online, soul-centered community and transformational process that will support and guide you to elevate your life and 

create your blissful existence!

What loving clients are saying…

Viktoria, writer and creative

“When I met Lizzie already from the first moment I felt deep trust because she is radiating pure light just by being.

If you know her, you know what I mean.

Her energy is very powerful but at the same time very soft and loving.

She did a Reiki attunement for me and it played such a huge part in my journey.

It felt angelic, light, I felt so relaxed in her presence I almost felt asleep receiving.

I felt guided to continue learning Reiki, before I was at level 2 (didn’t plan to continue) after the session with her I applied to learn Reiki master teacher training because of the energy shifts inside of me.”


Tanya, Elementary School Assistant Principal

“I found myself wanting to improve my physical activity and posture while also quieting my brain. I have tried Yoga before but I just never seem to get the benefits from it that I wanted. I decided to try out Yoga with Lizzie as my instructor. It was one of the best decisions I have made! Her voice is calming and she brings positive energy into any room. She taught me how to do some of the most important Yoga poses and her small tweaks changed everything! I could feel my body changing and getting stronger every session we spent together. Yoga became a mindset where she taught me to take care of my body and my mind during each session. I am so happy I started my Yoga journey with her by my side.”

Abby, Teacher and Educational Coach

"Working with Lizzie has helped me create a work life balance. I love working with Lizzie as a transition to release stress after work. She is responsive to my needs every session and adjusts to make sure every class provides what I need. I have always had back pain with specific yoga poses. Lizzie has helped me make small adjustments to make those poses beneficial for me. She does an amazing job of creating a calm environment through her soft voice and relaxing incense. The mindfulness prompts that Lizzie shares help me release what is not serving me and focus in on the important aspects of my life even when I am not in a session with her."


I trust, if you've read this far, my message is speaking to you.

This work that I do is a journey of love, passion, and purpose.

If you resonate with the soulfulneess of this mission and would like to support it, you can make a dontation through PayPal bby clicking on the button below. 

Your contribution, no matter the amount, will be received graciously and gracefully, with profound gratitude.

Together, we can infuse even more love, light, and positive change into the world through this work. Thank you for considering this heartfelt request, and for being part of this beautiful journey.

With love and light,



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